Insulate Your Home Against Hot Pittsburgh Summers!

Another Hot and Humid Pittsburgh Summer is Right Around the Corner!

Summer is coming, and soon the hot, humid days of our Pittsburgh summers will be here.  Are you and your home ready?  Nearly all homes in Pittsburgh built before 2000 were built with far too little attic insulation.  The tell tale sign on warm days is a second or third floor that begins heating up just after noon.  On truly hot days your air conditioner may even run constantly and often into the night to beat back the heat radiating down from your attic.

The sun first heats the roof, the roof then heats the attic, the attic then radiates the heat into living space below.


Many Rooms Beneath Attics Get Hot on Summer Days, Do Yours?

Why do the rooms beneath attics get so hot on warm summer days?  These rooms heat up because as the sun heats the roof to temperatures of 150 degrees and above, the heat then gets transferred to the attic below it, often heating it to over 125 degrees!  As the roof assembly of your home (shingles, wooden roof framing, etc) becomes super heated, this heat is then radiated down through your poorly sealed and insulated attic down into the floor below.  The result is stuffy, uncomfortable rooms, sky-high air conditioning bills, and more frequent calls to the repairman to fix over-stressed HVAC systems.



Insulating an attic in Pittsburgh to an R-49 level with blown in cellulose insulation

Sealing air leaks in an attic with foam sealant.

Insulwise’s Unique, Two-Part Solution

The solution?  Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions offers a unique two-part solution to this problem.  The first part is air sealing and then insulating your attic floor to an R-49 insulation value, the second part is then sealing your duct system with AeroSeal to dramatically increase the amount of conditioned air getting to the rooms in your home.  Why seal your duct system?  Because the average home loses 20-30% of it’s conditioned air through leaks in its duct system according to the Department of Energy!

Increasing conditioned air flow by sealing the duct system with AeroSeal.


The Results You Can Expect?

The power in this solution is that we first greatly reduce the amount of heat transferring from your attic to the rooms below with air sealing and insulation measures.   But the second thing we do is then dramatically increase the amount of air conditioning reaching all the rooms in your home by sealing the leaks in your duct system with our AeroSeal process.  The result is a home that is instantly more comfortable and significantly more energy efficient!

In conclusion, our two part process will not only make your home seasonally far more comfortable year round, but also lower your energy bills in the process.

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Make Your Home Hot Weather Proof!

Our summers here in Pittsburgh are often hot and humid, and many homes suffer from a combination of freezing cold basements, upstairs floors that are warmer than the rest of the house, and air conditioners that run constantly.  These problems often stem from a combination of leaky basement duct work allowing freshly cooled air to spill into the basement, and too little attic insulation allowing far too much heat to reach the home from the attic.

At Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions, we have solutions that easily, cost effectively, and permanently solve these problems.  By sealing your duct system with our AeroSeal process, we guarantee your home will cool more efficiently and evenly than ever before!  How?  By vastly improving the pressure and flow of cool air to the parts of your home that are farthest from your basement HVAC system.  We also attack this problem by reducing outside air infiltration into your home (air sealing) and by improving the insulation in your attic.

When done together, these two solutions will vastly improve the energy efficiency of your home (year round), while simultaneously balancing temperatures throughout your home.  Say goodbye to icy basements and hot and stuffy 2nd floors!

Andy Haak, Owner of Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions


Get Your Home Ready for Winter!

Did you have high heating bills last winter?  When it’s cold does your home suffer from cold spots or uneven temperatures between floors?  If so than your home is likely in need of a few measures that could dramatically improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.  Easy ones for home owners to tackle are things like caulking around windows, adding weather stripping to doors, and even air sealing penetrations in your attic and basement with expanding foam.  But for the larger improvements that will yield bigger results, our advice is take advantage of our FREE Limited Time Whole House Energy Audit!

During our energy audit we use both infrared analysis and a test called a “blower door test” that analyzes the tightness of your home’s envelope.  Our energy audit will show you the reasons for your home’s high utility bills, cold floors, cold rooms, ice dams, drafty areas, and temperature differences between floors.  The audit typically takes about 2 hours and at its completion we will present you with several work scope options to address your priorities and fit your budget.

If you chose to move forward, Insulwise can even provide you with low cost financing options to help you pay for your work.  If you’d like to know more about our energy audits and see some photos you can click this link to be taken to our energy audit page

Thanks for your time, and call us today to schedule your FREE Limited Time Whole Home Energy Audit!

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Andrew Haak, President of Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions

Attic Inspection

Attic Inspection

Infrared imaging of walls

Infrared imaging of walls

Blower door air infiltration test

Blower door air infiltration test

How heated air escapes through a typical attic.

How heated air escapes through a typical attic.

Why is Re-Insulating Your Existing Home Typically the Best Energy Efficiency Investment a Homeowner Can Make?

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