Basement Insulation

Photo 1Why Does My Basement Feel so Cold?!

Many homes have basements that are cold during the winter. A key reason is air infiltration that comes through the rim joist area. The rim joist is where the wooden frame of your home sits on top of the block wall foundation. This area is naturally porous due to two different building materials being sandwiched together (cement block and wood). A steady inflow of 20 degree air during the winter is more than enough to make your basement feel chilly!

Why Does Cold Air Infiltrate My Home?

Photo 2An essential reason why cold air infiltrates into your home through the rim joist is stack effect. Stack effect occurs in all homes during the winter time. As you use your furnace to heat the air in your home to a desirable temperature, that warm air naturally wants to rise. As it rises, it escapes through hidden holes and penetrations (air leaks) at the top of your home. This continual upsurge of warm air through your home creates a draft in your basement, pulling in colder, drier air from the outside. Stack effect, and the resulting loss of warm air from your home that it creates, is a major cause of energy loss AND comfort problems in your home!

The Solution

Photo 3Insulwise’s solution for basement insulation is to spray the rim joist area (where accessible) with spray foam. When spray foam is used as the first means for retrofitting your basement insulation, not only is air infiltration into your basement is reduced dramatically, but your rim joist becomes far better insulated. The result is a much warmer, less draftier basement!