Home Energy Audit & Comfort Analysis

Home Energy Audit & Comfort Analysis of Your Home!

What’s it all about?


1.    Call or use the red box on our website to schedule a Limited Time Offer, FREE in-depth home energy audit & comfort analysis (a $300 value!). First you might want to take a look at one of our case studies to see whether your home might be similar so that you can know what types of results you can expect!  

2.    Upon arrival, we will discuss the issues you’ve been having in your home, as well as your priorities for solving them.

free-energy-1 3.    We will then inspect your entire home top to bottom and perform a variety of tests. These tests will include:
a) An infrared scan to help find where your home may be missing insulation.
free-energy-2 b) A ‘Blower Door’ test to help us locate where air is infiltrating into your home (ie the sources of those cold drafts that you feel!)
free-energy-4 c) A duct inspection. Leaky duct work can cause a number of serious problems in your home. Chief among them are energy loss, uneven heating and cooling of rooms, and indoor air quality issues.
free-energy-3 4)    Take you for a tour of your home to show you the issues we found and explain our solutions for fixing them!
free-energy-5 5)    Provide you a quote on the spot that breaks down all costs and solutions clearly so that you can make the best choice for repairs you’d like!