AeroSeal of Pittsburgh History

AeroSeal of Pittsburgh History

AeroSeal of Pittsburgh was created in 2014 as a division of Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions. For years we at Insulwise have been sealing ductwork manually in basements and attics with mastic and silicone, but we knew we were only scratching the surface of the problem. The vast majority of a home’s ductwork is hidden in walls, and even when sealing ductwork by hand it is easy to miss fairly large holes (like when ducts are mounted close to the basement ceiling).

I, Andrew Haak, owner of Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions, made the decision to invest in the AeroSeal process after seeing a single demonstration of the technology. I knew that for our customers it could be a game changer in the area of making the homes we work in more comfortable and energy efficient year round. And when we added in the improvement in indoor air quality created by the effect of sealing the home’s return ducts, it became an easy decision for us.

We at Insulwise have been applying the most modern theories in home performance to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of our customer’s homes since 2008.   I personally am a credentialed energy auditor through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and train all of my employees to the highest standards in the industry.

So if you are experiencing comfort or issues with high heating and cooling bills in your home, give us a call! Our whole home and duct system analysis are free of charge and represent an outstanding value to homeowners in the area!


Andrew Haak

Owner, Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions and AeroSeal Pittsburgh