Insulwise in the Community

At Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions, we believe strongly in giving back to the community in the Pittsburgh area by supporting a variety of important local causes. We also believe in supporting our proud veterans and their families, who may be undergoing hardship as a result of their service to our country.

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Urban Impact is an incredible faith-based program, focusing on “providing options for those who have few or no options” according to Pastor Ed Glover, President and Founder of Urban Impact. Since 1995, Urban Impact has helped thousands of children from the North Side, and over 50,000 young people nationally through the organizations various ministries and programs. At Insulwise, we understand that not every child is born with the gift of a loving, supportive family. And we are happy to both applaud and support the efforts of Urban Impact as they work hard to provide children in the North Side not only with love and support, but also a sense of community and chance for a bright future!

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Although not a local charity, Operation Home Front is an A+ rated national charity that assists military families during difficult financial times by providing food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, and financial assistance. Insulwise Energy & Comfort Solutions strongly supports the men and women who’ve sacrificed for our country, along with their families, wherever they may live.


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Allegheny Land Trust is an organization in the Pittsburgh area that focuses on preserving and restoring some of the beautiful, natural spaces in our area. Allegheny Last Trust’s mission is to serve as the lead land trust conserving and stewarding lands that support the scenic, recreational, and environmental well-being of communities in Allegheny County and its environs. At Insulwise, we notice that it often seems like every day a tract of land once covered by trees and forest is being cleared to make way for a new housing plan or strip mall. We believe that it’s important to preserve some of these natural spaces in our midst before they are gone. And it is why we are a strong supporter of the Allegheny Land Trust.